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Ongoing PhD projects

The Chair of Hydrology promotes especially PhD studies strongly relating to experimental hydrology in order to turn the present experimental sites into “the field laboratory par excellence”, in which the feasibility of innovative experimental research is warranted. A combination of field and modelling work is requested, what requires talent, motivation as well as broadly based theoretical and practical skills.
In this context the exchange with national and international research groups of other labs / universities during the PhD project is welcome.

Current PhD studies at the Chair of Hydrology:

student thesis assistance keywords
Fernández, Elena Fluorescent tracers to study processes of pesticide transformation in stream systems Jens Lange,
Friederike Lang
  • Analysis of degradation and sorption processes in a laboratory flume mesocosm
  • Multi-tracer field experiments in stream systems and artificial wetlands
  • Modeling of the data collected by the use of a dynamic transport model
  • Creation of scenarios and recommendations for suitable measures in the regional water management
Greiwe, Jan
Kaplan, Nils Surface Connectivity: From Hillslope Contributions to Expanding Stream Networks Markus Weiler
  • Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of the Expanding Stream Network
  • Time-Lapse Camera Monitoring in the Attert Catchment (Luxemburg)
  • Detection of Infiltration Excess Overland Flow
  • Implementing Temporal and Spatial Dynamic Stream Networks  in the Hydrological Model RoGeR
Koelbing, Merle Spatial variability of meteorological parameters in urban areas and actual evapotranspiration from urban surfaces Tobias Schütz,
Markus Weiler,
Andreas Christen
  • Assessment of the spatial variability of meteorological parameters in the mesoscale using measurements taken by a mobile climate station in Freiburg i. Br. (Germany)
  • Modelling meteorological parameters according to the surrounding settlement structure on the basis of a LIDAR dataset with 1x1m² resolution as spatial input data
  • Developing an evapotranspiration layer for urban areas based on the Penman-Monteith equation for the already existing runoff generation model RoGeR
Linke, Felicia
Schaffitel, Axel Assessing the soil water budget of urban areas Markus Weiler,
Kurt Roth
  • Analyzing the solil water budged of partly sealed areas
  • Green storm water management
  • Distrubution of stabile water isotopes in the soil soil
  • Soil moisture measurments
Schwemmle, Robin
Seeger, Stefan The influence of biodiversity on soil water redistribution and the amounts and source depths of plant water uptake Markus Weiler,
Michael Scherer-Lorenzen
  • In-situ measurement of stable water isotope in the soil
  • Determination of transpiration rates and water uptake depths of different vegetation types
  • Quantification of soil water redistribution


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